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BT paintball guns strive to create markers with a real-world look and feel. When you choose a BT paintball gun, you choose a gun with great accuracy and control. BT Paintball guns are designed with the most advanced features of any scenario paintball gun you will find. The BT Paintball guns are built for action with a very sleek and modern design. The BT Paintball line offers you many options and upgrades to enhance your overall scenario or woodsball experience.

BT paintball guns are versatile for all playing conditions. Whether you are playing in densely populated wooded areas where you need to hide from your opponents or in the wide open spaces of the forest, your BT paintball gun will give you the reassurance of reliability and the competitive edge you need to win the day.

ANS is Proud to carry the full line of BT paintball guns. We have all BT Paintball Guns in stock from the most basic BT-4 Combat up to the new BT TM15. Get your hands on a BT Paintball gun and step up your game to the next level.