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The BT TM-7 Paintball Gun utilizes Mini™ Technology to inflict maximum force from a gun of minimal size. Don’t be fooled by the size of the BT TM-7 exterior; it can hang with the big boys and is by no means a lightweight. Once you hold one and pull the trigger, you won’t want to put it down. Its lightweight, yet durable construction is perfect for close quarters or long-range combat. This is the paintball gun that just may have people rethink the way they looked at Mil-Sim paintball gun.

New BT TM-7 Paintball Gun From Ben Tippmann is a great step in the right direction for Scenario and Tactical paintballers..  The BT TM-7 is very similar to the Invert Mini and has all the features wyou would ever need on a paintball gun.  The BT TM-7 Paintball gun can easily be used with either a remote or by screwing the tank directly into the marker.  

Overall, the BT TM7 Paintball Gun is great for any scenario or tactical paintballer.

  • BT TM-7 Mini™ Technology Inside
  • BT TM-7 Shift-On-The-Fly, 4-Position Mode Switch
  • BT TM-7 Multiple, Extensive Firing Modes Including Semi/Burst/Full-Auto
  • BT TM-7 Multiple Picatinny Rails Allow For Extra Accessories
  • BT TM-7 Adjustable, Multi-Position Stock
  • BT TM-7 Collapsible/Adjustable Front Grip
  • BT TM-7 Low Pressure Operation
  • BT TM-7 No External Hoses; Internal Airline Operation
  • BT TM-7 Additional Modes: NPPL/PSP/NXL/Millennium
  • BT TM-7 Universal Mini/Cocker -Style Barrel Threads
BT TM-7 Paintball Gun
BT Paintball Gun