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BT Paintball is a newer paintball company but represents people that have been around the paintball industry for a long time. For so long they just made guns, but now they have the BT Paintball Backpack. The BT Backpack is been designed by their team who manufactures products such as the Invert and Empire Lines.  

The Bt Paintball Backpack is light weight and is specifically designed with the scenario player in mind.  It has plenty of room and compartments to carry enough gear for a fun weekend.  The Bt Backpack is similar to military style but has some special paintball touches built in.  If you are a scenario player or recreational player with a lot of gear we would highly recommend the BT paintball backpack.  

2009 Is the first year the BT Paintball Backpack was released and there have been nothing but positive things to say about it.  The only request is people hope for both a larger and smaller size BT Paintball backpack so they can adjust it to the size of their game or how much gear they have.

The 2009 BT Backpack is made from a tough nylon construction meaning this backpack can take a lot of abuse. The backpack also has many internal storage as well as side pockets for quick access to the item you want. This BT backpack has dual Velcro straps to hold most tank sizes, and a secure Velcro waistband so it doesn't bounce all over the place when you are running through the field

BT Backpacks.