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The Invert Goggle Systems offer two masks; the Avatar, and the 20/20. Invert makes great products at an even better price. Below is a description of the 2 masks available by invert.

The Invert Avatar is an innovative, lightweight, low-profile goggle system for the uncompromising paintball competitor. It is designed to present the smallest target possible while being soft and flexible for comfort and to help keep you in the game with glancing/bouncing paintballs. The Invert Avatar dual material mask features a semi-rigid, one piece face plate for ultimate protection of your mouth and nose areas.

The Invert Avatar comes equipped with a dual pane, thermal cured, anti fog lens. All lenses in the Avatar range can be swapped easily. Get the Invert Avatar lens to suit every condition from amber and clear lenses for low light conditions, to mirror and ninja lenses for bright sun or under those stadium lights. Our anti-fog and hard coat treatments allow us to provide the best quality for superior optical clarity and field of vision. This, combined with an innovative lens retaining system, make for easy cleaning in quick turnaround situations. Invert Avatar lenses are available in a thermal cured anti-fog single pane lens, or a high tech dual panel anti-fog lens. The Invert Avatar Mask is one of the best deals you can get on a paintball mask. You will get great comfort and aesthetics to keep you looking good and safe on the field.

The Invert 20/20 goggle is designed to perfect your field of vision. Built to out-perform any other goggle in its class, it is the perfect blend of form and function. It has forced air ventilation technology and an integrated motorized fan to eradicate fog! The sleek Invert 20/20 goggle is loaded with an Invert clear thermal lens, silicon beaded non-slip strap, molded hypo-allergenic foam, adjustable visor, chin strap, and a maintenance free exhaust fan.
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