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Dye Precision is one of the first big innovators in the sport of paintball and is held with the highest regards in the industry. The Dye paintball guns are no exception to this long standing tradition. Dye paintball guns started out with the inception of the Dye DM3 paintball gun. The Dye paintball guns were quickly advancing the industry and leaving many companies in the dust.

With the initial release of the Dye DM4 paintball gun, Dye had stepped up their game to create one of the best tournament level paintball guns. Over the years, the Dye Paintball Guns continue to advance in technology and performance. If you are looking for a good quality and trustworthy gun, check out the Dye Paintball Guns.
Dye DM10 Paintball Gun
Dye DM10 Paintball Guns - The Dye DM10 is finally released and looks great. We have tons of the DYE DM10 guns in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Get your Dye DM10 Paintball Gun today.
Dye DM9 Paintball Gun - In Stock
Dye DM9 Paintball Guns - Dye DM9 paintball guns are good quality guns at reasonable prices. Since the 2010 Dye Guns have been released, the Dye DM9 is available with a free rotor.
Dye NT Paintball Gun
Dye NT Paintball Guns - The Dye NT paintball gun is high end and built with precision. The Dye NT is light weight and ready to rock out of the box.