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The Cure 2 Ego bolt for the Planet Eclipse Ego Bolts is a Great Upgrade.  The Ego Cure 2 bolt is a great upgrade over the basic stock bolt and will help your marker to perform to the best of its ability. The all new Cure 2 bolt allows you to shoot even the most fragile paint through your Ego or Etek marker. Incorporating SADOS (Shock Absorbent Dual O-ring System), low impact air flow, a ramped top face and an easy install indicator, all you have to do is concentrate on your game!

There is no issue with:
Etek2 Standard
Ego5 Standard
Ego5 XSV
Ego6 XSV
Ego7 (+ all Custom Bodies, Vicious, Pevs etc)
Ego8 (+ all Custom Bodies, Vicious, Pevs etc)

Problem Models:
Etek Standard
Ego5 Nexus
Ego6 Standard
Ego6 Nexus

The issue: The Cure2 Bolt comes fitted with the same bolt pin that is used on Ego8 and SL8r. The head of this pin sits lower to the body than previous pins, in order to fit in with the lower profile machining of the 08 model range. This lower pin head can cause an issue with some of the older models. The pin head can rub on the top of the body.

Solution: The standard pin out of any of the non-conforming guns can be fitted to the Cure2 in order to get it to function without any rubbing.

Planet Eclipse Ego Cure Bolt 2
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