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The NXE knee pads are taking pads and protection to the next level.  The NXE knee pads have taken years of change and incorporated it into this product.  These pads are some of the most comfortable on the market and will keep you comfortable and protected on the field.  The design of the NXe Knee Pads incorporates Velcro into both the very top of the knee pad and the bottom of the knee pad.  This helps to comfortably keep your NXe knee pad in place and for it to not slide down your leg while playing.

The back of the NXe knee pad is built for both ventilation and comfort.  This is very important because through a normal day of playing paintball, you will have your pads on for about 6-8 hours.  This can be miserable when you are running, diving and kneeling; especially when you get home to relax at the end of the day.  Overall, the NXe knee pads are great and you will not be unhappy.

  • NXE Knee Pads - Ten-Layer Progressive Padding absorbs hard impact, while resisting abrasion on slides.
  • NXE Knee Pads - New improved wider range of fit.
  • NXE Knee Pads - Durable 3mm breathable neoprene construction.
  • NXE Knee Pads - Specially woven cushioned velcro-embedded elastic provides superior comfort and fit.
  • NXE Knee Pads - Open back construction allows for maximum flexibility and all weather comfort.
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