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In designing the 08 NXe Harness, NXe put a tremendous emphasis on increased comfort, flexibility, and style. By narrowing and contouring the Body Wrap Belt, pressure-forming and applying a Grip-TEC material to the back panel, and using High-end 1680 Denier nylons throughout, the 08’ Elevation Series Harnesses are a new and improved version of the #1 Harnesses in the game.

The NXe Harness - 3+4, combines an elegance with top of the line performance.  This NXe Harness is very comfortable and is worn by most of the top professional paintball teams.  Why not go with what the pro players use while keeping protected.  

Since NXe started, they have always been know as the Premier, NXe Harness.  This NXe Harness uses a unique belt system that is very similar to a back support brace.  They have integrated lumbar support into the NXe harness and it will fit any sized player.  

Although it looks small, the NXe Harness can hold quite a few pods of paint.  In between the main pod holders there are loops with tabs to hold extra pods.  On the outside of the end pods, the NXe harness has an additional two loops on each  side.  The four extra loops on the NXe harness are able to hold up to 4 more 140 tubes of paint each.

No matter what NXe harness you choose, you can rest assured that you will be very happy with your purchase.  If this particular NXe Paintball Harness is out of your price range, we recommend you check out the NXE Harness category on the website.

  • NXe Harness - Third generation ground-breaking body wrap system comprising:
  • NXe Harness - 4 piece body wrap belt system
  • NXe Harness - Pressure formed impact absorbing back panel with technically engineered “Grip-Tec” friction inducting material
  • NXe Harness - Rubber neoprene coated lumbar support spheres
  • NXe Harness - Ergonomically enhanced newly designed front closure provides superior comfort, ease of use and style.
  • NXe Harness - Softer, Thinner, Stronger Seatbelt Material Pull Straps for Maximum Durability and Ease of Use
  • NXe Harness - S2 Technology Friction Reduced Pod Ejection System w/ Non-Slip Elastic Ejector
  • NXe Harness - Specially Selected Denier Elevation Nylons Guarantee Maximum Durability and Ultimate Style
  • NXe Harness - Holds Up to 9 Pods
  • NXe Harness - One Size Fits All
NXE 08 2008 Elevation Harness 3+2+2