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Check out the new Luxe Paintball Guns. The Luxe Paintball gun will revolutionize the way the sport of paintball is played.

Call for current Luxe Paintball Gun pricing as well as current color availability.  WE ARE AN AUTHORIZED DLX TECHNOLOGY LUXE PAINTBALL GUN DEALER!!!

The DLX Technology Luxe Paintball Gun is Smaller, lighter and faster are the direction tournament paintgun designs have been going. The Luxe Paintball Gun excels in all three. The Luxe design team took speed to heart, but not just in terms of rate of fire. The Luxe is also faster to maintain. Anyone who has X-Ball or Super-7 experience knows that when the clock is ticking, every extra second spent on maintenance in the pit is risking a penalty or forfeit.

That's why in addition to its sleek hose-free design, with radical new bi-directional regulator ASA and integrated air grip, all basic maintenance can be performed on the Luxe without tools. If the Luxe anti-chop Vision system or innovative new 23 degree plunger detents need cleaning, simply press to remove the magnetic quick-latch detent assemblies. The heart of the Luxe Paintball gun is its Power Core, a combined bolt and valve system that can be completely de-gassed and removed from the gun by simply flipping a latch and pulling no tools or dry-firing required.

If the Power Core is the heart of the Luxe and the Luxe Control Processor is definitely its brain. The microprocessors that control paintguns have become far more advanced and complex than when electropneumatic paintguns made their debut in 1996, but as they have provided more features, they have brought with them a steeper learning curve for the player. The Luxe Control Processor makes the same leap in usability that the mouse gave home computer users a simple interface that does not require memorization of complex blink and beep codes or dip switch settings. An easy-to use 5-way joystick inside the Luxe grip lets players navigate through its voice menu system. Settings are announced to the player and adjusted in plain English with key menus and prompts also in French, Spanish, German or Russian. For years, some well known players have talked to their guns - now the Luxe paintball gun talks back. What's more, parallel processing technology (multiple microprocessors working simultaneously) gives the Luxe the power of speech without sacrificing a single clock cycle of performance.

Speed and performance are not the only things that make the Luxe different from other Guns. Luxe paintball gun components are machined in the United States by American workers using the most advanced manufacturing processes available which is a rarity in today's paintball industry.

The Luxe Paintball Gun does not roll off of an assembly line. Instead each Luxe Paointball Gun is hand built, tested and adjusted one at a time at DLX Technology by a Certified Luxe Technician. Each technician is also an experienced professional paintball player with the background to know by feel when a Gun is in top form.

Simple Programming with Speech Feedback
While the capabilities of the Luxe paintball gun software are immense, players don't need to have attended a computer course at MIT to program it. A five-way joystick micro-controller, combined with a voice and LED feedback menu system, makes timing adjustment or selecting a league based firing mode a snap. There is no need to rely on memorization or to bring a manual to the field in order to decipher complicated blink or beep codes as the Luxe paintball gun guides the user through its menu system by speaking in plain English, with key menu items and prompts also in Spanish, French, German or Russian.

High-Speed Cleaning/Maintenance
In the staging pit while the clock is ticking, every second counts, and time lost in cleaning or maintenance can cost a point or worse, a game. Popping the contoured release latch on the back is all that is needed to de-pressurize the Luxe Power Core and slide it out of the gun for fast pull-through cleaning of the body and barrel. No dry-firing or tools are required. Nothing needs to be unscrewed. One move and that's it, the bolt and valve are all out and accessible for inspection and cleaning. The three main components of the Luxe Power Core also disassemble for o-ring inspection and lubrication with no tools required. There are no screws, springs or small parts to lose in the process. Other paintguns may have a bolt that can be removed quickly, but no other gun comes anywhere close to the lightning fast, tool-free field stripping of the bolt, exhaust valve and ball detents found on the Luxe paintball gun.

Easy To Clean Detents and Eyes
Ease of maintenance doesn't stop with the valve and bolt. The Luxe ball detent carriers double as the gun's eye covers. Compact rare-earth magnets and integral multi-axis machined latches secure the detent covers through even the roughest game, but allow them to be removed in an instant without tools for inspection and cleaning.

Revolutionary 23 Degree Plunger Detents
Plunger style ball detents have become the standard for top-end tournament guns because they provide an unbeatable method of preventing double-feeds, even with the aggressive force-feed loaders needed for high rates of fire. Until now, gun designers have angled detents at 90 degrees to the bolt, so the bolt has to scrape against a rounded edge of the plunger or bearing to push it out of the way. The Luxe paintball gun design team has angled the ball detent assemblies of the Luxe at 23 degrees to the bolt, so that the ball and bolt strike the detent closer to the direction it actually moves. The result is long detent life, less pressure on fragile paintballs, and smoother operation.

Hose Free Design
The Luxe paintball gun will never miss out on a game due to damaged or loose hoses - because there are no hoses, barbs or hose fittings anywhere. Internal gas passages machined into the grip frame and receiver completely eliminate the need for internal low pressure hoses or even a macroline from the bottom-line to the regulator. The Luxe Integrated Air connection allows direct, hose-free mounting of the Luxe bottom-line style ASA, or the Integrated Air Micro System.

American Made
All machining of Luxe paintball gun components is performed by American workers in a state of the art facility in Pennsylvania. The Luxe body, grip frame and structural components are constructed of 6061 aluminum alloy tempered to a T6 level to deliver over 42,000 pounds per square inch of tensile strength, complimented with chrome plated or hard-anodized finishes that provide both good looks and durability. There is no Luxe assembly line. Each Luxe paintball gun is assembled and tuned one at a time by a Certified Luxe Master Technician. Each of the Luxe Technicians are also experienced professional paintball players.

Red Carpet Customer Service
Luxury car owners don't have to wait for their vehicle to be shipped. back to the factory for warranty repairs. Luxury paintgun owners shouldn't have to either. You won't find the Luxe paintball gun for sale through bargain blow-out Internet and mail-order stores. The Luxe can only be purchased directly from Luxe Authorized Dealerships which are staffed with factory certified Luxe Service Technicians, providing full local warranty support directly to the customer.

Field And Tournament Modes
The Luxe paintball gun is equipped with multiple firing modes ranging from straightforward uncapped semi-automatic to training modes, full-auto, multiple levels of rebound and specific modes for every major tournament series. Calculators and ROF timing tables are unnecessary to set tournament rate of fire limits, just select the mode, maximum rate of fire in bps, and the Luxe is ready to go. Luxe Paintball gun Firing Modes include:
- Semi-Automatic (one shot per trigger pull)
- Capped Semi-Automatic (one shot per trigger pull with adjustable Rate Of Fire limit)
- NXL (complies with NXL rules with adjustable ROF limit)
- PSP (complies with PSP rules with adjustable ROF limit)
- Millennium (complies with Millennium Series rules with adjustable ROF limit)
- CFOA (complies with CFOA rules with adjustable ROF limit)
- Auto-Response (fires on pull and release of trigger with adjustable ROF limit)
- Training Mode (helps train to achieve maximum trigger pull rate)
- Burst Mode (fires a burst of 2, 3 or 4 shots per trigger pull with adjustable ROF limit)
- Full-Automatic (fires repeatedly when trigger is held down with adjustable ROF limit)
- Custom Rebound Modes (multiple rebound modes can be programmed - each with their own unique ramping characteristics)

Advanced Software Control
In addition to firing modes and rates of fire, the Luxe software interface provides complete control over everything from eye mode and bolt stick compensation to de-bounce levels and speaker volume, as well as feedback on rate of fire achieved and setting values.

Vertical Regulator
The Luxe Integrated Air Vertical Regulator represents the pinnacle of consistency and gas flow. It has an exceptionally high flow rate, even in low-pressure ranges. Its bi-directional ASA mount means there are no hoses to snag or break during a game.

Luxe Paintball Gun Unique Bi-Directional ASA
For Luddites who insist on a macroline outside their gun, the bi-directional vertical regulator ASA works with either the hose-less Luxe Vertical Regulator, or is backwards compatible with the ASTM-F1750 standard, allowing use of after-market regulators. Considering how well the Luxe Vertical Regulator outperforms other vertical regs, we don't expect many players to make use of such a downgrade.

Luxe Paintball Gun Integrated Air System
Luxe owners can use the included on-off bottom-line grip integrated ASA system with screw-in compressed air systems, or the optional Integrated Air Micro System. The Air Integrated Micro is a 4,500 psi preset compressed air system that mounts directly to the Luxe Grip frame. With a design that allows the user to remove its cylinder to comply with air travel regulations, the Integrated Air Micro has the needs of professional tournament players in mind.

Luxe Paintball Gun Air Mounting Options
No two players are alike. Some prefer their air system directly mounted on the grip frame. Others like it dropped a bit forward or back. Air rails included with the Integrated Air Micro provide flexibility in mounting position. No matter what the configuration, it's all hose-less.

Luxe Paintball Gun Low Moving Mass
During its firing cycle, the Luxe has only one major moving part, its bolt which weighs in at less than three quarters of an ounce. With so little weight moving around inside especially compared to stacked-tube poppet-valve guns, or designs with multi-piece spool valve assemblies - the Luxe is smooth as glass, staying on target at even the highest rates of fire. It is also incredibly quiet.

Luxe Paintball Gun Conical Bearing Trigger Mount
The Luxe's silky smooth ball bearing trigger pivot is suspended, perfectly centered between a pair of conical alignment screws, delivering a trigger pull with virtually no side to side play over the entire stroke.

Luxe Paintball Gun Externally Adjustable Trigger
Not only is the Luxe trigger completely adjustable for pre-travel, post-travel, activation point and resistance, but even in its side to side placement can be dialed in to the player's taste. All adjustments can be made live, without disassembling the gun. None of the adjusters are located on the trigger face, providing a smooth, continuous trigger surface for optimal player comfort.

Luxe Paintball Gun Li-Po Battery
The advanced electronics in the Luxe are powered by an internal Lithium-Polymer battery pack. Lithium Polymer represents the latest in rechargeable battery technology. It has become the dominant battery system used in mobile phones and personal media players because it exhibits no charge memory effect, charges quickly and works well in a wide temperature range. It also provides significant power at a minimum of size and weight. A second Li-Po battery is included with the Luxe to allow for a fast change when charging time is not available.

Luxe Paintball Gun Break-Beam Vision
The Luxe is equipped with what is quite simply the most reliable anti-chop system available. The Luxe uses an optical break-beam sensor system to ensure that a paintball is completely loaded before firing, virtually eliminating the possibility of a chopped ball. Operating at a wavelength of 630 nanometers, the Luxe Vision system detects paint that can fool longer wave infra-red eyes.

Luxe Paintball Gun High Performance Barrel
The Luxe is equipped with a 14-inch Luxe 3-piece barrel. Optional bore sizer inserts adjust for optimal performance in any paint or weather situation without the bulk or weight of multi-back barrel systems.

Luxe Paintball Gun Lever-Locking Feedneck
The Luxe is ready to clamp on to any industry standard hopper with a flip of the Lock lever.

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