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The Nxe Backpack Collection is one of the hottest in paintball. Each year they design a couple new Paintball backpacks for the serious paintball player.  The Nxe backpack has a slew of features that will help you to keep your gear organized. With both a scenario and tournament style Nxe Backpack, they have what you need. An Nxe Backpack is a must have for all paintball players who are serious about the sport.

The NXE Company has been around for a very long time and make some of the best paintball equipment out there including their back packs. The NXE backpacks, allow you to hold a lot of your gear and have many different pockets to carry various tools and small parts as well. Some of the Backpacks even have a velcro strap on the outside to carry your marker on the outside of your bag without it falling out.

NXE Back Packs