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Proto paintball is the sister company of DYE, which is one of the most well known product lines in paintball today. DYE has been around since the beginning of the sport and has continued to create and improve on their products every year since. When Proto was released to the paintball world everyone took to it right away without hesitation. Not only did Proto have the backbone of one of the most liked companies in the sport,but Proto also had the same quality as the Dye products at a fraction of the costs.

The Proto paintball masks meet all safety standards, are very comfortable, have great ventilation, and have a very easy way to remove the lens for quicker cleaning and changing of the lenses. The lens on all the Proto goggle systems are removed by pushing the two tabs up where the goggle straps attach to it and the lens will simply pop out. The Proto masks available are the as followed:

Proto EL Switch Paintball Mask is one of the first masks Proto produced and is a single lens (non-thermal) that is great for anybody getting into the sport and looking for comfort at an affordable price.

Proto Switch FS Thermal Paintball Mask is the same mask as the Proto EL mask but is a double lens (thermal) which prevents the goggle from fogging up on you when playing.

Proto Axis Mask W/ Free Game Timer is the second generation of masks produced by Proto with a new sleek design with even more ventilation and comfort. The Axis Mask is a thermal lensed mask and comes with a free game timer to help ensure you hang that flag before your time is up.

Proto Axis Pro Mask is the newest Proto goggle system.  The mask is almost identical to the basic axis mask besides the new design in the ventilation and a few other small changes.

Proto Paintball Goggles