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There are many paintball and mask accessories for almost every mask on the market. The goggle accessories we have include the following:

Cleaners & No Fog Spray: This category includes lens cleaners as well as anti-fog spray for any mask. We have a huge selection of lens cleaners (such as spray cleaner and micro fiber lens cloth) as well as different types of no-fog products (such as sprays, ant-fog cloth, and zero fog with microfiber cleaning cloth combos).

Mask Fans: These fans are built for two reasons, to keep you cool while your playing in the hot sun and it also helps to prevent your lenses from fogging up. Currently we have fans available for Dye, JT, and Proto masks.

Game Timers: The game timers are available for a a few different mask and simply clip onto some part of the mask and allows you to set a countdown timer depending on the length of the game. These are currently available for the Dye and Proto Paintball masks.

Goggle Lenses: We currently carry replacement lenses for all paintball mask. The differences between all the lenses are as followed;  Color of the lenses. We have the basic colors for each mask such as clear, yellow, amber, blue, smoke, and mirrored (sometimes colored mirrors and faded colored lenses). Single lens with no anti fog resistance meaning you have a good chance of fogging up in the middle of the game. Thermal lenses and anti-fog resistant lenses preventing your mask from fogging up on you in the middle of the game.

Mask Upgrades and Accessories: The goggle accessories and upgrades are just basic upgrades for some of the masks on the market.Some of the items they include in this category are soft ears, new goggle straps, visors, goggle frames, and goggle bottom parts.

Goggle Straps: We have a huge selcection of goggle straps for every kind of mas, it all just depends on what kind of design you want.