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Note: This gun is currently for sale as pre-order. All orders placed will be processed and held until the item arrives. A shipping label will be printed but it will not become active until the item ships out. The expected arrival date of this marker is mid to late June. This is current information from the manufacturer. Any changes will be updated immediately.

The 2009 Impulse will be an even bigger hit then the original Classic Impulse. There have been many changes to the gun including a non line set-up. These guns have been  reproduced and manufactured to compete at tournament level.

The Classic Impulse was one of the most popular electropneumatic paintball markers ever produced. It found its way into the winner's circle in the hands of teams like the All Americans and Strange. Pros loved it for its performance and amateurs loved it for its price. Even though it has been out of production for several years, it remains a popular used marker due to its fast rate of fire, simple cleaning requirements and rock-solid reliability.

Easy Vision Maintenance Ė Whatís worse than losing an eye cover or critical screw in the staging pit? We canít think of much, thatís why we infused the Impulse with a technology that has been around since the middle ages Ė hinges. The Impulse has hinged eye covers that latch securely shut, but pop instantly open at the flick of a latch, making clean-up fast and trouble free.

Air Cushioned Piston Ė As if the ultra-low firing piston pressure wasnít enough, we also contoured the gas channels in the Impulse to provide an air buffer so that the bolt and piston come to a gentle stop at each end of their movement, instead of a hard knock. That gets rid of vibration so you can shoot a rope of paint as smooth as silk.

Impulse Command Panel Ė Straight-forward common-sense design puts full control of the Impulse right where you need it. The Impulse Command Panel at the rear of the markerís grip frame gives electronic control with the power and programming button and pressure control with direct allen wrench access to both regulators.

Venting ASA Ė Screw-in air systems are where itís at. The easy to turn knob on our integrated hoseless ASA will turn your air system on, or turn it off, and vent pressure to save its o-ring.

Lithium Polymer Power Ė You donít have to run to the corner store to buy batteries for your cell phone, and you shouldnít have to do that for your paintgun. A built in lithium polymer battery uses the same technology that drives mobile phones to drive your game. Just in case you blow through the batteryís optimal 100,000 shot charge in a single game (how many pods are you carrying?!?) and donít have time to charge, weíve got you covered. Our designers gave the impulse snap-grips and a spare battery. Swapping for a charged battery requires no tools and takes only seconds.

Two-Stage Regulation Ė Sure, a maker needs a regulator, but two? Thatís the secret to recoil elimination. The primary regulator in the Impulse grip sets the pressure of the air used to fire each paintball, and is tuned to adjust velocity and to get the maximum efficiency a poppet valve can deliver. This gives the Impulse the ability to shoot 1700 to 1800 shots from a 68ci 4500 psi tank. The Impulse is also equipped with a secondary regulator which drops the pressure further to an ultra-low 50 psi. Thatís about half what competing poppet valve markers use for their rams, but we can do that because we donít need to beat on our valve to get it to open. That makes the Impulse incredibly gentle with brittle paint, and totally gets rid of the kick.

Grip Integrated Regulators Ė No, the regulators arenít in the foregrip Ė they are in the grip frame, in a pair of compact modular packages. Both Regulators can be quickly removed, cleaned and rebuilt with a minimum of tools.

Integrated Relief Valve Ė Weíve noticed that some air system manufacturers have started leaving low-pressure burst disks out of their designs. We donít but that is because we care about your safety. We donít think your Impulse should have to pay for the price if their regulator leaks and delivers too much pressure. The Impulse foregrip not only serves as a super-sized volume chamber for the fire valve, but it also houses an integrated relief valve that safely vents off excessive pressure.

Pressure Balanced Poppet Valve Ė When you get your hands on an Impulse, take a look at the front. Thatís not a volume chamber under the barrel (we put a much bigger one in the foregrip, but thatís another story.) itís the valve housing. In its center youíll see the white front end of our valve core. Unlike most poppet valves, ours is exposed to atmospheric pressure on both ends. Instead of just pushing the valve shut, the gas pressure inside the valve pushes in both directions. The two opposing forces cancel each other out and the valve can be opened with just a gentle nudge. This means we donít have to slam a heavy ram or hammer around inside the marker. Without all the banging around, itís easy to shoot straight on the target, every time.

Hose Free Design Ė Hoses? We donít need no stinkiní hoses! Hoses can break. Hose fitting can leak. We got rid of the hoses and got rid of the problem. Compressed air flows through channels machined into the Impulse body and grip frame.

The Freak Barrel System Ė Itís the choice of champions because it works. A Freak compatible impulse Impulse barrel back holds a Freak insert and 14-inch All American barrel front. Out of the box, itís a great barrel, with the addition of a full The Freak insert kit, itís a complete barrel system ready for any playing condition.

Q-Lock Feedneck Ė Itís practically the industry standard. Our lever latching feedneck keeps your hopper securely in place, but unlocks in an instant.

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