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V-force has been around for several years now and has proven to the paintball industry that their products are among some of the best. V-force has released several masks since they have started, and has continued to improve them over the years giving players a new look and better features. Vforce is one of the first companies that produced masks that give players a larger range of vision, giving them an advantage on the field.They have masks available for any paintball player ranging from people new to the sport or the more experienced tournament paintball player.Currently V-force produces four styles of masks; The Armor, Grill, Profiler, and Vantage.

V-force Armor Paintball Mask: The VForce Armor is the #1 answer for budget conscious players offering the lowest cost, superb lens life and excellent customer satisfaction goggle system.  This is the best complete, rigid vision system that is perfect for the newer players who want maximum protection with clear, reliable Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch and Thermo-Cured lenses that will outlast every other brand!

V-force Vantage Paintball Mask: The VForce Vantage mask has features any paintball player would like. The ultralight one piece mask has a low profile and gives players ultimate mobility and speed. The Vantage is made out of a soft rubber material more likely to get bounces instead of breaks on your face. The lens is a non-fog thermocured anti-scratch lens with quick-change lens clips allowing you to switch or clean your lens in seconds. These features truley give players an advantage on the field.

V-force Profiler Paintball Mask: “Vision under Pressure!”  The VForce Profiler was created to endure the fanatic intensity of paintball’s top international competition.  This is the world’s fastest mask, featuring the Quick-Change Lens; you can change to tinted lens in only 5 seconds!   Now is your chance to stay in the game.  This system has a HardTarget Design that reduces frontal and profile areas for “hard-to-hit” target advantage.

V-force Grill Paintball Mask: The GRILL™ sets the new trend with its intense look of pure attitude. The unmatched comfort of this lightweight masterpiece inspires total focus on your game

  • ProVisor™ - Sun and rain protective visor
  • Integrated VFlector™ - Built-in forehead bounce panel for added face and lens protection.
  • QuickChange™ ThermoCured™ Lens - Lens interchangeability faster and easier than ever!
  • Featherweight Comfort™ - Ultra-light construction for unrestricted movement
  • Comfort Chin Strap™ - Increased stability for a faster game!
  • QuickChange™ / ClickDry™ Foam System - Revolutionary all-in-one QuickChange™ Comfort Foam. Fresh, dry comfort in a snap!
  • QuickChange™ Strap - Close-Contact Posi-Clip™ strap. Stays on... guaranteed!
  • Temple ComfortPads™ - Detachable dual system
V-Force Paintball Masks