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The Hard Corps Torque Paintball loaders represent a fine display of consistent and fast feeding.  The Torque Paintball loaders are compatible with all paintball guns and are very durable.  The Torque loaders are second to none with their high rates of feed and durability.  The Torque loader is very easy to take apart for cleaning and there is no maintenance. You will not be disappointed with the Hard Corps Torque Loader.

Internally, all of the gears are built into the motor assembly making the drive system unique as well and at over 50+ BPS, Torque has no problems feeding quickly and efficiently. And, if a jam were to occur? The Torque has a reverse switch that allows fast, easy de-jamming. With such highend features and the Torques 3D style and look this loader makes an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a new loader or looking to upgrade from a existing model.

  • The Torque has no battery door. The battery(s) are installed internally and it's very fast and simple to do. You can install the battery on the torque faster than you can take the screws out of the battery door of the other loaders.
  • The Torque has a unique shaped lid.
  • The Torque has no screws to remove for disassembly and cleaning.
  • All the gears in the gear drive system are built into the motor assembly.
  • The Torque has a completely different/unique 3D shape than the "others".
  • The Torque is significantly lighter than the Halo B and Pulse
The Hard Corps Torque Paintball Loader